Distribution as a Service

Distribution as a Service

For last mile distributors & SHS manufacturers. Your holistic  business management tool. 


Manage your leads and customers
Mobile fellow for agents on the ground
  • Register new leads & customers, obtain all necessary data and include a customer agreement.

  • Check individual customer data, make changes if necessary and contact her or him directly via the app.
  • View the customer’s payment history and gain valuable insights from her or his usage behaviour.
Smart assistant for managers in the office
  • Keep track of all customers and dive into invidual customer details.
  • Get all relevant information at a glance, including payments, products and location.
  • See the responsible agent and know what’s going on in the field.

can be linked to your ERP system


Check available items and process orders
Mobile fellow for agents on the ground
  • Get real-time information about where and in which quantity your products are available.
  • Stay on top of things during the whole sales process. The app notifies you if a product is not available

  • … and places an order automatically on the customer’s request, upon your confirmation.


Present and sell your products anywhere
Mobile fellow for agents on the ground
  • Explain your products’ benefits and excite potential customers on the ground.

  • Define variable pricing options, depending on your business model and customer payment types.

  • Add new products and customize descriptions, pictures, videos and payment methods.


Offer Pay-As-You-Go, mobile money & more
Mobile fellow for agents on the ground
  • Choose whichever currency you need. Multiple currencies across different sales regions are also possible.
  • Process Pay-As-You-Go payments via a leasing or rent-to-own model – or offer one-off shop sales.
  • Various activation types are supported, including offline keypads, Bluetooth, GSM, NFC and LoRa. Learn more.


Keep everything comfortably under control
Mobile fellow for agents on the ground
  • Visualize your sales progress with charts and pull out revenue metrics by date and place.
  • Get all important data at first sight and be up to date about your staff, customers and products in the field.

  • Filter customers by different criteria, anticipate late payments and support them to pay on time.