Energy as a Service

Energy as a Service

For micro & mini grids, for developers & operators. Your holistic  business management tool. 


Manage your customers
Mobile fellow for agents on the ground
  • Register new customers, obtain all necessary data and include a customer agreement.

  • Check individual customer data, make changes if necessary and contact her or him directly via the app.
  • View the customer’s payment history and gain valuable insights from her or his energy consumption.

Smart assistant for managers in the office
  • Keep track of all customers and dive into invidual customer details.
  • Get all relevant information at a glance, including payments, products and location.
  • See the responsible agent and know what’s up on site.


Connect state-of-the-art meters


Set up your pricing and discounts
Mobile fellow for agents on the ground
  • Choose a fix tariff and set one single price that is unversially valid, or …
  • … apply a day & night tariff and set different prices at specific time ranges.

  • Delight your customers and set an optional, special tariff on birthdays.


Collect payments offline and online
Mobile fellow for agents on the ground
  • Choose whichever currency you need. Multiple currencies across different sites are also possible.

  • Set the customer’s payment amount and see how much credit (in kWh or days) will be added.

  • Various activation types are supported, including offline keypads, Bluetooth, GSM, NFC and LoRa. Learn more.


Keep everything comfortably under control
Mobile fellow for agents on the ground
  • Visualize your sales progress with charts and pull out revenue metrics by date and place.
  • Get all important data at first sight and be up to date about your staff, customers and products on site.

  • Filter customers by different criteria, anticipate late payments and support them to pay on time.